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What is a good, original moral issue to discuss in an essay?

I don’t want to write about what everybody does, ie. capital punishment, abortion, animal testing etc… Any ideas for an original topic?

What is Huck Finn’s moral education?

I have to write an essay for english on Huck Finn’s moral education. What are some things he learns and why?

What are some moral issues that challenge young people today?

i need this answer for my religion essay

Essay on Moral Values?

Pls do not give only the topics explain it further………………….thnks a lot…:-)

What is meant by moral relativism?

ive got an essay on that question and i dont know exactly what to put :S, its gotta take up 1 and half pages but i dont know what to put :S

Is there an underlying moral to war of the worlds?

I need it for an essay

Can a moral man live in an immoral world?

I have to write a Essay on this. And im drawing a asking you to answer this to help my brain get a jump start.?thank you

How would I write a thesis about Kohlberg’s stages of moral development?

How to write an introduction about Kohlberg’s theory of moral development?I am writing an essay about Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and it’s based on Kohlberg’s theory of moral development. I am doing it based on Pip, the main character. what would be a good thesis?Kohlberg’s theory is…..

Essay on the topic “The Importance of Moral Values in our Everyday life”?

hey guys actually i have an english elocution so can u please help to find some info on the topic “The Importance of Moral Values in our Everyday life”thanks

What are three examples of moral decay in All Quiet on the Western Front?

I have to write an essay on that specific theme. I’ve read the book, I just need a base for my paragraphs, please help!