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Advice about the civil rights movement?

hello, im writing an essay about what i would do to change a time in history .i want to go back to the civil rights movement because i feel like there could have been so many things that could change for the better.being a future teacher, i am wondering what black students were like during […]

Comparing the South African Apartheid with the Civil Rights Movement?

How are the two movements similar? How would you characterize Nelson Mandela? Martin Luther King Jr.? What are the main points that the two leaders project in their speeches? Im writing an essay and need help, thanks!

Where can I find information on the men during the women’s movement?

I am writing an essay, and I am doing it over the play Triffles. But I need information/ websites on how the men acted and what they thought of the women during the women’s movement, long before and after women got to vote finally. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Was McCarthism an appropriate action in response to the anti-war movement?

Please include detail and a website from where the answer can be found. It’s for an essay. Thanks

Essential Questions: WWI and Progressive Movement?

Hello! I’m having some trouble with these questions. We have to write 5 paragraph essay for each one, and I’m just having some trouble with the main ideas of the questions. If you could help out that would be great. Thanks!1) How did individuals affect change in society during the Progressive Era?2) Why did the […]

New York Labor Movement?

I have to write an essay on the new york labor movement and I’m having trouble with research. I can’t seem to find things specific to new york or new york city. anything can help.

Why gandhi considered the champaran movement to be a turning point in his life?

Based on the book Indigo by Louis Fischer.I have to write an essay of about 150 words.The things i have to elucidate are:1. He understood that Indians can exercise their rights and seek legal recourse for justice.2. The civil ( civilized ) disobedience movement had won for the first time.3. It had proved that no […]

What are the forces that affect the speed of a school bus and the movement as it makes its journey?

I have this question for an essay I have to do, and I can’t find any very good websites that will tell me. Someone please help? (:

Compare the gay right movement to the african american civil right movement?

i need to write an essay comparing the gay right movement to the african american civil right movement. can anybody give me ideas on my thesis and paragraph structure? maybe i could compare the similarities in which they where both discriminated against-or key events which linked the two together.. thankyou in advance

Why was Europe’s “New Imperialism” abroad essentially a movement to maintain the social structure at home?

(late 19th century)i have to write an essay on this so the more the better thanks!