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Help Finding Victorian Novels?

I need to find three different Victorian novels with the same social issues so I can compare them later in an essay. Any suggestions?

What are some really good classic novels that I can read?

I want ones that everybody knows about and that are required reads for school.

How do you write an essay analyzing a novels elements?

You need to read the novel and take notes whilst reading it.Elements of a novel (usually) include: Plot; Characters; Historical Setting; Geographic Setting; Writing Style; Descriptive Colouring: Sub-plots.You could further refine characters into: Protagonist; Hero(ine)(s); Villain: Incidental; Plot Device; Narrator.So you write an essay in several paragraphs each one relating to one aspect of the […]

Which two novels would be easiest to compare for an essay?

All Quiet on the Western Front and Catch-22 ?or All quiet on the Western Front and Slaughterhouse 5 ?

Essay question: Setting enhances the reader’s appreciation of important ideas in novels.?

to what extent do you agree with this view? User tags:faustus desire to be superhuman leads him to be inhuman

I need some novels with this main theme: immigrant as outsider and the other.?

I am writing an essay on the subject and need more works.

Which 2 novels should I compare for my lit essay?

I need to read two novels and compare/contrast them for my grade 12 english summative. They need to be books with depth and literary value not like Twilight or Harry Potter. The essay needs to be about 12 pages.

American humorist novels?

Can anybody reccomend any novels by good American humorists. I really enjoy things in the vein of Augusten Burroughs, Kinky Friedman, Christopher Moore, and David Sedaris but I prefer novels to essay collections at the moment.

Do u know any novels that does not have many conversation ?

I like books like Jurassic Park. I like this book, because it is like Essay. I hate books like Star Wars, Harry Potter. I don’t like books that have many conversations and actions.

What is the common theme or idea of Virginia Woolf’s essays, not her novels?

What does she write about? or what is the common theme?