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What qualities prove Odysseus to be a hero in the Odyssey?

I’m writing an essay on the qualities of a hero in the Odyssey and I have some examples already, but I just need a few more to help me finish. Thanks!

Help with my odyssey essay?

i need a quote in the odyssey that shows how a character in the book is more concerned with kleos (immortality through fame) than society but is doing/saying it for their familyex: “the gods have made sure your family name will go on, since Penelope has borne a son like you.”

Can someone summarize The Odyssey for me? Like a veryyyyy short summary like a sentence or two? ?

I haven’t read the whole thing, just some parts of it in English class. I missed the last 3 days so I know I missed out on my teacher summarizing it for us. But we have to write an essay, and I’m fine on it except the first sentence, because I need to put a […]

In the odyssey, was telemachus’s journey successful?

pleaase help meeeee. i need to right an essay on compare and contrast telemachus’s and odysseus’s journeys. and i dont know if telemachus’s journey was successsful or not

Odyssey essay.. plz help!?

“Monsters and disasters provide much of the excitement in The Odyssey. Disuss episodes in which Odysseus triumphed through his own ingenuity, and others in which he recieved help from an immortal. Why did Homer include both instead of presenting only one way to overcome obstacles?”… i dont want you to do the essay for me […]

Help with my The Odyssey Essay.?

so i have to write an essay on the book The Odyssey. One of my questions is What is the most imprtant part of the book? and What can we learn from it?Does anyone know the answer to these questions?

The Odyssey Loyal & Mutinous ?

In the odyssey, how are odysseus’ men loyal & how are they mutinous ? -Compare & Contrast essay.thanks.

Essay help involving The Odyssey by Homer, please?

May someone please show/give me some examples of how Odysseus shows his love for his home in The Odyssey. Thanks so much!

The Odyssey essay intro paragraph help?

Since ancient times, men have assumed superiority over women. But are women really intellectually and physically inferior to men? In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, women are the trickiest and most dangerous people. Women like Kalypso and Penelope lure and deceive the men, namely the suitors and Odysseus. Even the war god, Athena, is a […]

Critique my thematic essay on the odyssey?

after reading the odyssey, I had to write a thematic statement for the story, my statement was physical, and mental strength will be needed to be successful in a task. Here is my first paragraph on my essay, please critique. In The Odyssey, by Homer, 2 types of people seem to be easily categorized by […]