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How do I write a Dbq paper?

I’m really confused on how to write a whole dbq essay. I know that I’m supposed to start with a thesis but I don’t know how to create it. I get a lot of good ideas on what to put inside the paper but I don’t express my ideas the right way. Can someone break […]

5 page research paper due PLEASE HELP? alot of PTS?

I go to palm beach state college and for my psychology class we have to write a 5pg paper on our topics. My topics can be obesity and fat ppl in America and stuff or sexual motivation. We also have to have atleast 6 sources dated from atleast 2006 from the FAU or PBCC database. […]

How do you title a response paper or essay? ?

Do you just title it with the name of the piece you read or how?

Is it ever approriate or not to quote authors in the conclusion of an essay paper?

I think if it is a hard hitting quote then save it for intro or in the middle. but im not sure about general quotes.Would like to know too!.

Autism paper, need help!?

Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me with an essay I need to begin.I was thinking of doing it on Autism… I have gathered information on Autism…and effective strategies for teaching people with Autism…I don’t know what to base my thesis on though…like what i can SPECIFICALLY be trying to prove…or say….If anyone […]

I have an english assignment to write a paper on a comparison of two things. i would love some inspiration!?

I was looking for something kind of sarcastic or humorous, as that would get the greatest response but anything is appreciated!i know some people think this is cheating, but really just an idea and a few thoughts on that comparison would be amazing! i just need some the way, one essay that was really […]

Any one have a essay paper on memory management schemes used by XP and red hat linux, virtual memory’ paging.?

Yes, yes I do. Thanks for asking!

Where to go with my Research Paper?

Okay, so for my research paper, I chose to be a little out there this year. I submitted a proposal to my English teacher about how Lady Gaga’s music and image affect society. I chose to focus on categories such as sexuality, fame, gender roles, etc. He said it was a great starting point, and […]

Help with a paper on Romeo and Juliet?

i need some ideas for this paper i have to write. the topic is choose 4 people or things that are to blame for what happened. i chose:-Feud because it promoted secrecy-Romeo because he was too quick and desparate for love and took things too fast (i mean married in 2 days after meeting […]

What is a compelling title for this news paper report?

summary of what im gonna write about ( obviously its not true, its just an english essay):its about this 27 year old lady that committed suicide after she killed her little son, because her husband forfeited her of using drugs. As a result of that she killed their son just to seek revenge from her […]