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How should I start off my Personal Essay?

I did the introduction paragraph of my Personal Essay; Which is about Middle school’s should sale healthier lunches to kids.! my first Subordinate idea was that unhealthy foods are not good for you. ” now Idk where to go, or what to do, or ANYTHING D: Please I need your help… Or it’s a phone […]

Giving samples of my work as part as a personal essay?

I just applied to this college and it requires a personal essay. That part I can do, but for the department I’m going to be studying under, they say they also require 10 samples of my work, this can be poetry, stories, photos, etc. I have a story I’m working on that I could send […]

IB Personal Project, i am making a photo editing..?

series of cds. Basically tutorials showing people how to go about with editing their pictures. I plan to include, bu am not limited to, black & white photographyvariety of gradientstextbrushespremadesI would like ideas as to what i should include in my essay,for my intro i need an attention getter,but what else should i write,and what […]

Need help with UC Personal Statement!?

I have wrote the beginning of my first essay and before I continued I just wanted the opinions of other people. Is there a way to make the intro to my essay stand out more? How can I improve on it overall?”Growing up as a child I never had it very hard. I constantly had […]

Personal Essay for college, help!?

I’m applying for The Clarkson School, which is a program that trades out your senior year of high school for your freshman year of college, and the application asks for a personal essay of 150-300 words. My essay is 314 words. Too long?Also, I’m doing a paper mail in application and this is the last […]

Help with personal essay?

im writing a personal essay for my english class about how you never realize how important family is until you never get to see them. Im not talking about intermediate family, more like aunts and uncles. Im starting my essay off with how you never realize what you’ve got till you’ve gone, etc and a […]

Can somebody help me? I have to write an essay about personal characteristics for a job interview?

I need just an example. Also, at this point I have to write something like” I am qualified for this position because….” Thank you so much!

What should I write as a “short personal essay about myself” in an internship application?

Currently, I’m kind of writing a story type thing.Should I make it something like My name is Tina Yip and I enjoy origami. I also like …. and …. and … I wish to be a ….or like a story of a personal experience?

How do i write a personal essay ?

i have to write a personal essay for school and i have no idea how to do it ! does it have to have happened to me ? or can it be how i feel about something ? and how do i write it ?

How personal can we get on the common app essay?

I am writing the first topic “Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.” I was thinking of writing about how my life in albania and how our family lived during the change from communism to democracy, how our lives changed when we […]