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GCSE Coursework Essay Help: Analyse the presentation of the witches in Macbeth. Please help ?

I have written this so far but please i need it to be longer what else could i add what should i change in this what i have written etc any contributions arr very appreciated ! Love xAnalyse the presentation of the Witches in MacbethMacbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare in the 17th […]

Conclusion for shoplifting essay please?

I have done most of my essay now. Its about a 17 year old rebellious teenager who steals clothes for fun with a friend while her parents are on holiday. She is supposed to do her leaving cert in one week but she gets caught and is arrested with her friend. now she is in […]

Please help, im not sure exactly what my teacher wants +10 points?

I have to write a argumentative essay on the political cartoon. I am stuck, i don’t know what factors I should talk about, please help.

Chemistry Help please! Just started the class.?

I have to write a 1000 word essay on why chemisrty would be important for survival on a desert island. Its due tommorow. and today was our first day! please help me out. i’ve been tryingt o figure it out for hours.

Homework Help! PLEASE HELP ME! essay due tomorrow:s?

Okay so i have to write an essay, about analyzing lyrics, i have decided what lyrics i am going to analyze but i dont know what to write about it. Can anyone explain what the figuritive language means? or anything else you can say about the lyrics! PLEASE! THANKS!Here are the lyrics i am planning […]


i have a german essay that really needs doingcan anyone help with translating this ? translators dont work well as real people. Text to be translated below ” i have two small black kittens called “sooty” and “smudge”. They are very cuteMy house has a livingroom, a diningroom and a kitchen downstairs To get to […]

What is a good thesis statement for the below two stories for a comparative essay? Please Help!?

I am writing a comparative essay for two stories about war:The first story is about a man who in a civil war in Berlin, and is set on opposing sides of the army and ends up killing his own brother.The second story is about a young boy who’s father is being sent to war, and […]

Need help with AP Euro question please (French Revolution)?

We have an essay due. We have to analyze the role and the extent to which each social group gained or lost during the revolution. I don’t know how to do this for the Sans-culottes and the Jacobins. Can someone help me? Also, do the French Jacobins have anything to do with the Scottich Jacobites?(Personal […]

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas essay, can someone help me please?

I’ve done a paragraph on the character development of Bruno, and I’m going to explain his move from innocence to experience later on by explaining what happened at the end of the book. However, now I’ve to do a paragraph on symbolism and I really have no idea what to write. If someone could just […]

5 page research paper due PLEASE HELP? alot of PTS?

I go to palm beach state college and for my psychology class we have to write a 5pg paper on our topics. My topics can be obesity and fat ppl in America and stuff or sexual motivation. We also have to have atleast 6 sources dated from atleast 2006 from the FAU or PBCC database. […]