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How do you plot standard deviation on a graph?

I have the means for my bar graph and the standard deviations. But for standard deviation it is suppose to be some sort of line on the bars.Example: [external link] ‘um=1′hl=en’biw=836′bih=580′noj=1′tbm=isch’tbnid=M0nzJ7rHU7QoHM:’imgrefurl= [external link] ‘docid=lnOOrfot6-4IHM’imgurl= [external link] ‘w=287′h=289′ei=goQbT7rSFdD6gge5v_CzAg’zoom=1

How is the setting in To Kill a Mockingbird influence the plot of the story?

I am writing an essay and the essay topic is how the setting influences to main conflict in the story (the trial). I need someone to give me 3 specific reasons on how setting affects the plot. Please justify your 3 reason. Thanks in advance.

What is the Plot Summary/main events of “The City Of Ember”?

I am in gr.5 and I have a 10 paragraph essay due in 2 weeks…I need help! Thanks! User tags:the city of ember theme essay

What are some plot ideas for an essay titled “Green”?

i need to write an essay for homework and the title must be “Green”.It has to be either a narrative story or personal recount and about 400 words. My head is blank and i have no plot ideas that i think are creative and engaging. The only ideas i can come up with are a […]

Who are the most dynamic/influential characters in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird” and how to they influence the plot?

My english teacher is having us write a few mini essays and even though this question sounds simple, im stumped. this is the original question:discuss the major aspects of plot and character development within the text. (on a timed test, this question might appear as: discss your initial reactions to the story, write down any […]

What is V for Vendetta plot?

i made a v for vendetta mask for my Italian class and we have to write an essay on the background behind our mask so i just wanna know the main important messages behind V and where he originated and everything. =)

How does gender affect the plot and character development in ” The Kite Runner”?

I’m writing a five paragraph essay and i don’t know what to say

Can someone give me the merchant of venice plot summary in about 4 lines please. For an essay.?

Please really need it.

Why is wuthering heights have an unrealistic plot?

i need to write an essay on whether i like it or not and need help to explain why the novel is unrealistic

Plot ideas for “The Journey”?

I have an essay coming up and we have to write a short story, around 500 words (which isn’t much to work with I know…) on “The Journey”, basically we have to make up a story with some sort of journey in it, from scratch. I’d like the plot to be interesting and unique. Any […]