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A question about a certain phrase in a poem…?

The Last WordMatthew Arnold Creep into thy narrow bed,Creep, and let no more be said!Vain thy onset! all stands fast.Thou thyself must break at last!Let the long contention cease!Geese are swans, and swans are geese.Let them have it how they will!Thou art tired; best be still!They out-talked thee, hissed thee, tore thee?Better men fared thus […]

Poem “Ozymandias” imagery and style?

I have to write an essay for on the poem “Ozymandias” including examples of imagery and style. Any ideas?

Hows this Poem?

How I FailMy name is Jacky NaoIn grade eleven I am now,I got here, but I don’t know howbut its amazing, its like WOWBeing Jacky I tend to fail a lotthe reason to it? well I forgotmaybe its just how I learnedput bills in coin slots, but they wont turnI got owned while riding a […]

Anglo-Saxon epic poem “Beowulf” paper/essay.?

I need some help on starting my essay report. Its about on “what made Beowulf mother a monster”?So if you can give me some major key points on this it will help alot! Please stay away on the phyical apperince. So if you could just start me off with Beowulf’s mother is a monster beacuse……. […]

How can I describe the rhyme scheme of this poem in relation to the main idea?

I’m writing a five paragraph essay about the poem “Insomnia” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. One of the poetic devices he uses is rhyming. The first and fourth lines, second and third, fifth and seventh, and sixth and eighth line of each stansa rhyme (ABBACDCD). How can I say how this enhances the poem as a […]

Rober Frost’s poem?

I’m doing my assingment based on Robert Frosts poem “Two tramps in mud time”. I have to do a outline with 5 sentences that will be the main idea of my essay. Here they are:1. Frost uses Stanzas, diverging themes, and Imagery to show the main idea.2. Images show the narrator’s unpredicted thoughts3. The final […]

How does the form of the poem ‘Disabled’ by Wilfred Owen convey pity towards the war?

I’m doing an essay on Wilfred Owen and the pity of war but I couldn’t figure out how the form of this certain poem helped. If anyone has any ideas, I’d be delighted. Thank you.

What are your views/opinions on Robert Frost’s poem ‘Mowing’?

Im doing an essay on 3 poems by him and Plath, i have to focus on the way he uses IMAGERY to express he’s feelings.And well i dont really know what to say about this poem : i just chose it because i really like it..P.S sorry for repeating this question i just want to […]

Essay Ideas on Poem? HELP!?

I have to write an essay on the poem, Absence of Fear by JewelAny ideas on what i should add to it, etc? PLEASE HELP!Inside my skin there is this spaceIt twists and turnsIt bleeds and achesInside my heart there’s an empty roomIt’s waiting for lightningIt’s waiting for youAnd I am wantingAnd I am needing […]

Urgent! i need a poem for my essay which needs to be handed in by tomorrow can anyone help?

it is called ‘*’ or some people call it ‘my father thought it…’ by simon armitage and i need it by tomorrow can anyone help?