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Literary Criticism in poetry. What should I do?

I need to write a 300 word essay on a poem (OVER TEN LINES) describing the tone, content, and structure of it.. Considering I’m VERY unfamiliar with the world of poetry this seems to be a daunting task. I was thinking something of Pablo Neruda’s may be interesting…But maybe that would be too complex for […]

How many of you write poetry?

What is it about and have you ever had them published? I use to write poetry and I have many of my poems and one essay published.

What do examiners look for when marking poetry essays (gcse)?

I have an exam tomorrow on poetry and im not sure what i have to include to get a high mark, does anyone know how poetry essays get marked and what on?

Help with a Poetry Quote Please?

hi, I’m writing a university essay on communications. I’d love to finish off with a quote from a poem emphasizing the main point I’ve made: The world stays the same even though technology and innovation advance. Would you be ale to help? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks

Definition essay on poetry?

In this lesson, you have become familiar with the essay of definition and the process for writing it. Now put that newfound knowledge to the test by writing your essay of definition on poetry. Remember to activate the Style and Grammar feature in Word so that you will have advice about spelling and grammar.will someone […]

ROBERT FROST- poetry meaning?

the poem ” oven bird” by Robert Frost , i need the meaning , and it would mean alot if you guys helped me out. Im supposed to write an essay about the poem and how it connects to the outsiders by S.E.Hinton. any ideas ? please be resonable.

Poetry help!?

It is impossible for anyone to enter our small world. The adults don’t understand us. They think we’re childish. No one can get in our world; It has a wall twenty feet high, and adults have only ten feet ladders.Im really bad in poetry and i need a little help. im writing an essay on […]

What is the communication situation in poetry?

“Basics of English Studies” Lethbridge/Mildorf4.1.1. (Cont.)Some people associate poetry with subjectivity and the expression of intense personal experience. While this is true for some poetry, especially lyrical poetry, there are a great number of poems this does not apply to; for example narrative poems like Scott’s Marmion (Edit: ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave’) […]

MLA poetry citations in an essay?

This is what I have for my citation: The lines mentioned in Roethke’s poem, “The shade sang for her” (7), “Her quick look, a sidelong pickerel smile” (2), and “My sparrow, you are not here” (14) are all instances of support for the teacher’s virtuous endearment of Jane.My teacher said this citation was not correct. […]

I’ve written the introduction of my poetry essay, can you help me improve it?

“In literature, home is rarely portrayed as a place of perfect happiness”. This statement is reinforced in both “The New House” and “House on a Cliff”. In the poems the themes of loneliness and relationship breakdowns are shown throughout the poems. Even though both poems have a number of similarities, the main one being that […]