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Please help, im not sure exactly what my teacher wants +10 points?

I have to write a argumentative essay on the political cartoon. I am stuck, i don’t know what factors I should talk about, please help.

Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today (an easy 10 points)?

hi ive got an english essay to write about “Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today”what do you think about it and could you give me some examples or ads that are appropriate and inappropriate.thns so much xx

World War II Leader essay help!10 points best answer!?

I have to wirte an essay that explains how either Winston Churchill or Franklin Roosevelt demonstrated or failed to demonstrate the two leadership qualities that im suppoed to choose.(With exmaples that explain why you chose them!) Anyone give me ideas?I’ll wirte them into a paragraph! The leadership qualities you can choose from are:intelligencecommunicatorambitionorganizational abilitiesmilitary experienceexecutive […]

A question about the musical into the woods? 10 points!?

What was the baker and the bakers wife and the witch’s relationship like? Like list some facts? I know she helped them get a baby and stuff but I forgot everything else because I havent seen it in a while and I have to finish writing an essay. Good- She gave them a babyBad- I […]

How has values changed over the past years? 5 points!?

does this make sense?Over the past years, values have changed from being polite and modest and caring for others to becoming a lost cause. is the a better or another to write this? changing or switching the words?its really bugging me and i can’t move on my essay till i fix this so yea i […]

Has anyone read the book “THE GIVER” by Louis Lowry if so Please answer the question below. 10 POINTS !?

INTRO: We just finished reading the book “THE GIVER”. Now we are playing with the theme of the book. [Sameness versus Diversity].The Essay Question is:Compare and Contrast Jonas’ world with your own. What kinds of things did Jonas community give up? What kinds of things did they gain control of? Do you think they were […]


I have a project to do for english class where we can “invent” just about anything in the world (we don’t have to make it) and then write a page essay about it problem is i have no idea what to use as my “invention” PLEASE HELP

10 Points for BEST ANSWR!?

For an english essay, I need to compare between The Invisible Man and Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde…does anybody have any good ideas for comparison…or examples of thesis for these novel

I need some points on how to write a persuasive essay…more details…?

directions for the essay:select a character whom you consider to be a mentor for emulation or someone others may use as a role model. In five paragraphs or more develop a persuasive essay that presents your view. (a character has to be picked from a short story)

Master Harold and the Boys! HELP SOS 10 points!?

Hello..i have to write an essay on Hally: is he a spoilt and arrogant teenager or a misunderstood young man?What should i write? how can i back-up what I say?THANKSS!