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Type of dance for school project?

I have a project for school which involves picking a type of dance, writing an essay (on its history, influences on culture, etc) and for bonus marks, dancing for the class.Can you give me any ideas on which type of dance I should pick? I want to do the bonus segment (because you can’t get […]

IB Personal Project, i am making a photo editing..?

series of cds. Basically tutorials showing people how to go about with editing their pictures. I plan to include, bu am not limited to, black & white photographyvariety of gradientstextbrushespremadesI would like ideas as to what i should include in my essay,for my intro i need an attention getter,but what else should i write,and what […]


I have a project to do for english class where we can “invent” just about anything in the world (we don’t have to make it) and then write a page essay about it problem is i have no idea what to use as my “invention” PLEASE HELP

Is my project a waste of time- PLEASE HELP?

I’ve agreed to do an extended project over the summer holidays- 5000 word essay, a powerpoint presentation and independant research, This is on top of the two essays I have to do.I chose to do it to help me get onto a history course at university, but I’ve decided I don’t want to do history […]

How can i get to a page where I can just type freely for a project or essay?

How can I get to a blank page where I can just type whatever I want for free for, like, an essay? I need to get to a page that is blank so I can just type what I need to for my project!

Please help me with this english project :(?

All day since 10:00, ive been doing stupid schoolwork because my evil school makes you do a bunch of stuff before school starts. Ive been doing tests, projects, essays, and worksheets and im about to go crazy! I thought i was all done but theres one thing left. Its a advertisment thing. I have to […]

History20 project. WWII question. communications.?

Im handing in a soldiers pocket dictionary from WWII (a real one) with English, German French translations. I need to write an essay on the signifigance in WWII. I need info and ideas. Like the advantages of being able to speak the enemies language.

Topics for a medicine related project essay?

I’ve been asked to write an essay on a topic of my choice for a project.I want to go on to study medicine at university so my teacher suggested that it be medicine-orientated.One example of one that somebody has done previously is why MRSA is being found more and more.I was thinking a pretty broad […]

What should I do for my project? To make it look cool?

I’m doing a project and I want it to loom really good and creative. I have to choose between yom kippur and rosh hashanah. I don’t want to just write an ugly essay!Thanks in advance!

I need to come up with an analytical project, plz help.?

I want to use music and the brain as subjects. How do i test the effects of different music on the brain? I do not have an EEG nor do i have enough money for other instruments. This project is suppose to reflect what my inspirations in life and my future career are. I want […]