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Why could Queen Elizabeth I be considered a bad leader?

I realize that Queen Elizabeth I is recognized as probably the greatest female leader in English history but I need to write an essay about why she could be considered a bad leader. Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks. User tags:dheonline comwhy was queen elizabeth considered a leader

Stuck for ideas on a Mary Queen of Scots EPQ?

An EPQ is an Extended Project Qualification where you write 5000 words on a question of your choice. I chose Mary Queen of Scots and my question evaluates the choices she, and others around her, made and whether they lead her to her execution.So far I’ve written about:Her third husband, and the impact the marriage […]

Why does the queen make a christmas speech?

Please don’t make an essay out of this question it is going on a power point so a very basic summary is all that’s needed. Thanks:)

How was Queen Elizabeth 1 NOT effective?

I’m writing an essay con Queen Elizabeth 1, and I need these questions answered, but all of the answers have to make her sound like an unaffective/bad ruler.1). How did she impact the social scene in England? What did she make worse? (Social meaning class, suffrage, morals, ethics, privelage vs. rights, and fashion and style)2). […]