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How do we know how many rape cases go unreported?

In Psychology we were told that at least 25% of rape victims don’t tell anyone they are raped – if this is the case how did we ever find out?I’m trying to write an essay about it but I’m not sure how much of a valid point it is – some clarification would be great.Thanks

Camille Pagalia,” Rape A Bigger Danger Than Feminists Know”?

Im really having trouble understanding the story. I am suppose to write an essay paraphasing the essay and i have to use two quotes from the story and one have to be introduced using attributive tag. And I also have to do a bibliographic citation ..And I don’t have a clue how to do none […]

Psychology of children that are the result of rape?

I am writing an essay for a bioethics unit at uni and I am having difficulty find any information about the psychology of the children that are conceived during rape, search engines are not helping. Any suggestions or references?

What is domestic gang rape?

HiI’m doing an essay on gang rape and masculinity and my tutor says I should include domestic gang rape and compare the differences between that and mass rape and suggest how it is linked to masculinity.