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Stray pencil marks on my SAT?

So this morning I took the SATs. When the proctor called time and started to collect our booklets, I was flipping my answer booklet back to the front side and saw that a ton of my pencil marks had made imprints everywhere. My pencil was really dull so I must have been pressing pretty hard, […]

[SAT ESSAY] Is it necessary to be tested by bad things in order to be truly good?

i dont fully understand the prompt…i dont wana write wrong essay ):can you like explain the essay and maybe give few examaples?THANK YOU(:

What are the odds that i can get into George Mason with a 3.25 gpa and 1050 on the 2parts of the SAT?

I have a 3.25 gpa and a 1050 on the sat for the math and english do you think i can get in? I have tons of extracurricular activities and a pretty good essay and recommendation letters.

If you applied to UCLA for fall quarter 2009, tell me your admission status and your SAT, gpa, and extracurri?

If you applied to UCLA for fall quarter 2009, tell me your admission status and your SAT, gpa, and extracurriculars.I just got accepted to UCLA and I couldn’t believe it because my status isn’t that high.My SAT : 2100Gpa: 4.12Extracurricular: Japanese club founder and president, member of some other clubs User tags:voy a la república […]

Can I Get Into The University of Tenn. With a 3.5 GPA and a 1530 SAT?

Just curious. Is the University of Tenn. really competitive? I’m in a bunch of clubs, and I’m planning to retake the SATs if nessecary.Math- 410 I suck at math, didn’t finish the entire sectionsCR- 590Writing- 530 Bombed on the essay and ended up with this, I’m usually a good writer.

If I write an amazing college essay, will it make up for my GPA and SAT?

I have a 3.43 cumulative GPA and a 1720 on the SATI want to get into the University of Washington, so my question is, if I write an amazing college essay and make it really good, will that make up for my low GPA and SAT?Additional Info-I am In-state-I am an Indian male who speaks […]

Tips for getting into a good college? Sat, ACt tips? Essay tips? anything!?

I want to get into a good college like; Yale, Harvard, Stanford (personally my top choice) I am currently a freshman but why not start looking? So far I am enrolled in 3 honor classes and the 2nd level of a language. Next year i am taking four honors plus an advanced language class. I […]

Are there side benefits from training to SAT?

Hi, I’m from Israel and we have SAT like exam here, the difference is maybe that we don’t have the essay part I train much for the exam and wonder if the training will benefit to me in other way than putting me into uni/college.the exam has some questions that “trick” the examinee, and […]

SAT. Please Help?

I took the SAT today and was wondering about if I will be reported. After the essay was over the proctor told us to turn to section 2 and I thought she meant the book not the answer sheet. So I opened to the book and left that page open. I thought she was reading […]

Should I retake the SAT?

On my first try (in October 2010), I got a 2280 with an 800 Critical Reading, 730 Math, and 750 Writing (8 essay). On practice tests, my range was usually between 750-800 for CR, 720-760 for Math (I got a 790 once), and 730-770 writing. My main goal in retaking it would be to improve […]