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Nervous for SAT’s tomorrow?

i’m taking my first SAT tomorrow and am extremely nervous and pretty sure i won’t do very well.any tips for while taking the test?also, could you please grade my practice essay:prompt: what are your thoughts on the idea that failure is necessary for education to take place?The process of learning new things and gaining new […]

Getting ready for the SAT’s?

I’m taking the SAT’s on Saturday, and I’m trying to come up with different ways to get ready for the test. I’m very good at reading and writing, so that’s not a problem. Math is a different story. I took a practice test from the spark notes guide and did decent at it, about the […]

Why am i so bad at the SATs?

Ive been taking classes. I;m a sophomore. My friends who did not take classes did better than i did when they were in 7th grade. I got a 1080 out of 1600. Thats pretty bad. I don’t understand why though. Im always very shaky and sometimes ill do better on one section and worse on […]

SATs please help me!?

Today I took the SAT. More like the S-H-I-T… In short, it was hell… My essay was a bit short, my English was (hopefully) ok, luckily I didn’t have much math, but I probably bombed the math…Is there any way to get some idea of how I did?

Are my SATS scores good?

I realize these aren’t the best scores to get into the Ivy league but I am just a freshman so I can still improve.Critical Reading: 540Math: 520Writing: 420Multiple choice: 35Essay: 9So are these good enough for a college like the University of Texas or the University of California? By the way this was the SATS […]

How can I get the best possible score on the SATs?

I am taking the SAT at the start of June, but my school does not have the SAT on their campus (I have to go to another school to take the test) because it is a smaller alternative school and they do not do any sort of SAT prep work.Right now is the start of […]

I want to apply to NYU (my TOP choice) but I have 1440 on the SATs and my gpa is like 2.8-2.9?

do I have a chance?What can I do to get myself in? My parents are not rich and I really want to get in. How can I write my ESSAY and on what that will make them consider accepting me?PLEASE HELP and serious answers only. Thanks!

I need help with SATs, pleasee someone try to help me out..?

How can I do better on the SATs? I need to brush up on my essay writing skills, definetly math, and the reading part. Let me know of any good study books or websites. thanks!

Should I retake the SATs?

I really don’t know what I want to do – what job I want to have, or where I want to go to college. So I’m trying to keep my options open. And I’ll be trying to get in wherever I go based on grades – I’m not much of a sports person, and I […]

How easy is it to get at least a 1000 on the SATs?

not counting the essay score