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What do I do if I dont get accepted to any law schools this year?!?! :o?

Ok, I graduated from college last year, “studied” for the LSAT, then took it in December. My score was pure crap, so I took in again in February and I had to cancel it (its a long story). I still sent out my applications, hoping that one of the 25 schools would still like me, […]

Can I get into these schools?

Okay… so I will put down all my info and stuff and I want you to tell me if you think I can get into these schools..(I know that this is not all of what counts, but please look anyways)1. USC 2. Pepperdine3. UCLA4. UCSD 5. UCIStanford for fun… (you never know)Best individual category SAT […]

I’m writing an essay about why schools should let you listen to your ipod? i need some reasons please?

1. it helps bilingual students with limited English ability sharpen their vocabulary and grammar by singing along to popular textbooks and its music, drama and English classes (with audio-books to listen home and classes)3. to store homework assignmentscouple of details:Audio: The auditory learners will learn more in-depthly when you use the power of the […]

Are there differences between Reform Schools, Juvenile Hall, Juvenile Prisons, and penitentiary?

I am trying to do an essay relating to how effective any of these punishments are on minors committing crimes and what the percentage is of repeat offenders. Please let me know which of these type of term is most correct.Thank you

What has been done to stop testing for drugs in high schools?

I need help on this for a persuasive essay in my health class and all i can find on the subject is the opposite.. What has been done to start drug testing in high schools… Help please?

What are some reasons people choose to send their children to gender based schools?

I am writing an essay on why there should still be schools and colleges for just boys and schools and colleges for just girls. I need some reasons why people choose to send their children to gender based schools. I already have religion as a reason. Thank you.

What is your opinion on test-taking in schools?

I am a huge advocate for modifying test-taking in schools. I think giving a 100-question multiple-choice exam tests short-term memory, rather than comprehension of the subject material and the efficient application of it to daily life.I want to know your thoughts…from experience, from your personal views, and so on. Do you think testing is fair […]

Would I be able to get into these schools?

What would my chances be at:Wharton(top choice)University of ChicagoNorte DameWashington UniversityNorthwesternMITCarnegie MellonHarvardBoston CollegeJuniorAverage: 102.5ish weighted (my school does not use GPA)ACT: 33 (35 english, 35 math, 32 reading, 31 science, 8 on essay)PSAT: 219Classes:AP ChemAPLACAPUSHrest of classes are honorsPlanning on taking AP Bio, AP Lit, AP Euro, BC Calc and maybe AP Physics and AP […]

What do all of these schools?

search for?When they deny “perfect students” but accept people who did almost nothing; why? I do not mean things like 2.0s, but like people with 3.4s and 3.5s and decent SATs (not overwhelming). What did they do? And also did not have “connections” since they were not rich and parents did not have college education. […]

Chances of getting into my top choice schools? HELP!?

I am going to be a senior and I am applying to Villanova, Penn State Main Campus, Princeton, Notre Dame, UNC chapel hill, University of Richmond, University of Virginia, and Wake Forest. Here is info about me:2060 SAT710- CR 620- Math 730- WritingI plan to get my scores up with tutoring so that my math […]