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Science info plz help if you can?

i have a science essay due tommarow, i need some facts if you know or find out pllzzz help,Animal: hippopotamus (hippo)i need info on, the phylum of this animal

Please help me with my science homework!?!?!?

I have to write an essay, i have no idea what to do! Its really hard to understand, please explain the question or what i have to do, or if you get it then please just write part of it or…. I don’t know, just help me please! it is due tomorrow and i don’t […]

I have to write an essay about music that is science related what should i talk about?

I have to write an essay in science. It has to have to do with music and science and i am having a lot of trouble….any ideas?

How is science used in the making of electronics with gold?

for my science essay I have to give a description of how the scientific solution is effective when using gold to make electronics such as mobile phones.

Is this a good thesis statement to an essay about human rights vs. science?

“The scientific community has a right to knowledge gained with a subject’s informed consent, with the exception that this knowledge puts any human life at risk.”We had to read a book about an underprivileged woman who’s cells were used for scientific advancements without her or her family’s knowledge. I’m trying to side more with human […]

Can you give me an idea to complete my science folio?

It’s about ‘Variety of Animals’You have to do the following:1. Defining operationally the meaning of vertebrate and in vertebrate.2. Give the heading of your classificationThe most important thing is:-Introduction*Objective*Summary charts of animals*Discussion*Conclusion**= how to do it?(make it like essay)Hope you all can help me… THANKS

Are there any good tips for answering essay questions for the Environmental Science AP Test?

I took some practice tests, and I seemed to do OK in the multiple choice part (85 right, 11 wrong, 4 skipped), but I did very horribly on the Essay Questions, getting only 2 4′s, a 6, and a 7. I freaked out when I just saw the questions. Are there any ways to ensure […]

Help with essay question for science test! It’s on star properties?

ok…so the question is…….Know star properties. obviously, we’re learning astronomy. so if anyone could please help me and tell me some star properties. best answer gets 10 points! please help! it’s for my final!

Good ideas for a thesis for an essay based on the literary analysis of science fiction literature in general?

Just shoot out some ideas for a thesis, looking for suggestions.

What would be some effects of a world without science?

Im writing a cause and effect essay and would like some interesting ideas, it could be if science just dissapeared or if science never existed.