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Evidence in three Shakespeare plays that he did not write them?

Im writing an essay on why he didnt write his stories weather i believe it or not. I need to use three plays as example and use reasons why it can prove he didnt write it any ideas.

Othello Shakespeare play help – Quick question!?

Hi. I have to write a essay on Othello and im stuck on one questionHow to the dramatic devices in the play have an effect on the audienceI would be so grateful if you could answer THANKYOU xxx

Help with shakespeare essay?

I need help on the following quotes and explanations on why this was included. For example ‘bloody execution’ is a oxymoron. ‘For brave Macbeth –well he deserves that name–”her husband’s to Aleppo gone, master o’ the tiger: but in a sieve I’ll thither sail”valuation ambition, which o’erleaps itself and falls on the other”{Aside} The prince […]

Do you capitalize scene numbers in Shakespeare?

I am writing an essay on Shakespeare and I refer to “scene one” should I capitalize it or is there no special way that the scenes and acts are typed? User tags:should act be capitalized in plays

Comparisons to Anthony & Cleopatra (Shakespeare)?

Hi there, I am doing a comparative essay and have decided so far Anthony & Cleopatra with Othello would be a good fit, but I need another text to compare with also. This can be Shakespeare or NOT. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!Thanks very much, Alex.

Will you please help me with my research on Shakespeare?

currently.i am gathering evidences that he had homosexual tendencies esp with his constant mention of a young beautiful man in the’s my topic: Homosexual tendencies of Shakespeare.YUP. i want to prove he’s gay. so i really need evidences to support this claim. will you help me gather the materials i need? i am gravely […]

How to cut down an essay by at least 700 words (Shakespeare)?

my Shakespeare essay is far too long (2700 words) and it is supposed to be 1500 ish! but my teacher said we can go a little bit over, just not completely overboard! so my aim is about 2000 words but im just not sure how to cut my essay down because I don’t know what […]

Hemingway and Shakespeare! PLEASE HELP!?

i already asked this question, but i’m going to again (as i only got one response, and it’s due TOMORROW?!):so i have to write an essay comparing the love between romeo and juliet to the love between catherine and lt. henry in a farewell to arms.furthermore, i have to discuss whether the two relationships demonstrate […]

The symbolism of sleep in Macbeth by William Shakespeare?

Reading if for english class and have to write an essay and wonder about other peoples opinions because i have a couple of ideas and am not sure if they are valid. Sleep is mentioned in act one, scene three, lines 20-21act one scene eight lines 71-74 and 86-88act two scene one lines 8-11act two […]

How does Shakespeare use order and disorder in Macbeth?

Was given this assignment today – any ideas (big or small) are welcome. I’m not looking for an essay written for me, just any good ideas or links to help with brainstorming