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How can I write an argument essay on who should be allowed to immigrate?

I’m writing an essay giving an argument about what groups of people should be allowed to immigrate based on practical concerns. Should the US take the educated, the rich? How do I find examples, quotes and stats?

How many words should a brief essay be?

I’m applying for the Honors program at the college I’m going to next year and they told us to “write a brief essay about yourself” including what makes me distinctive from everyone else and why I’d be a good asset to the program. I’m only at 261 words right now and I’m running out of […]

How should I start off my Personal Essay?

I did the introduction paragraph of my Personal Essay; Which is about Middle school’s should sale healthier lunches to kids.! my first Subordinate idea was that unhealthy foods are not good for you. ” now Idk where to go, or what to do, or ANYTHING D: Please I need your help… Or it’s a phone […]

What should I title my essay?

im writing about instances of shame in the kite runner and how it relates to Night by Elie Wiesel. i cant think of a good title/ thanks for the help!

Should there be a Palestinian State?

I am writing an essay on weather or not there should be a palestinian state and I need three good reason as to why Palestine shoule be a state and I also need good refrence so if you do give me three good reasons that fine but resoruse and factual information would work better!

What should i title my essay if its about racial profiling?

whats a good title for my essay?

Should my essay be formal or informal?

I need to write an essay for a scholorship im applying for. My topic is “what the labour force means to me”. does this mean that the essay doesn’t have to be formal(meaning i can use me, we, our, etc.) in school pretty much every essay ive written has been formal so im jjust curious

This teacher hates me! what should i do?!?

i have this english teachr who hates me. when i raise my hand, she’ll skip me. or when i ask a question, she’ll be all like what do you think, why are you asking this. or she’ll just plain ignor me when im talking to her. so i took this writing proficiency test and i […]

I’m writing an essay about why schools should let you listen to your ipod? i need some reasons please?

1. it helps bilingual students with limited English ability sharpen their vocabulary and grammar by singing along to popular textbooks and its music, drama and English classes (with audio-books to listen home and classes)3. to store homework assignmentscouple of details:Audio: The auditory learners will learn more in-depthly when you use the power of the […]

How big should margins be?

For a resume, essay, and technical paper?