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Can anybody think of a film that came out after 2000 that is similar to Jerry Maguire or Wizard of Oz?

While I can think of a few films that are similar to them, I need to find one that I can be able to compare it with and write an essay. In the essay, I have to compare either Jerry Maguire or Wizard of Oz with another film and discuss how the newer film has […]

The best way to ensure parallel construction in your essay is to use similar?

The best way to ensure parallel construction in your essay is to use similar A. details in each paragraph. B. topic headings in your outline. C. sentence structure throughout. D. paragraph lengths. User tags:the best way to ensure parallel construction in your essay is to use similarthe best way to ensure parallel construction in your […]

Similar Book Recommendations suitable for a 23 year old male?

Below are the books I own.What are some books that are like these that are age appropriate for a 23 year old, that I should check out?The Mezzanine by Nicholson BakerThe Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays by Albert CamusThe Stranger by Albert CamusThe Gum Thief by Douglas CouplandNotes from Underground by Fyodor DostoevskyElla Minnow […]

Statues similar in atheistic to “Laocoön and His Two Sons” for compare/contrast essay?

I’m working on a compare/contrast paper for an Art class and I wanted to do one for the sculpture, “Laocoön and His Two Sons”, and something else, but I don’t know any statues that I could use.I’ve thought about using other works of art, such as Michelangelo’s “Dying Slave” (only because Michelangelo’s inspiration for “Dying […]

How were the Roman and Chinese Classical Women similar?

Need it for my essay.

The Scarlet Ibis, why is Doodle similar to a christ-figure?

Okay well I have to do an essay in English about the short story called “The Scarlet Ibis.” My teacher says that the essay has to have evidence and commentary on why Doodle is similar to a christ-figure. Can anyone give me evidence why? I’m struggling on trying to find evidence in the story.

How were the three early civilizations similar? (Egyptian Persian and Greek)?

Essay question. I need a few examples

What are similar and different between Baseball and Basketball?

i have to write an essay on, the similarities and differences between baseball and basketball and i just cant think of any. if you know about sports. can you help?

What is a good adjective or similar word for bad?

I am writing an essay on how important honesty is and I need an great adjective to go with this sentence ” Without honesty the world would be a very “BAD” place.

I need a book similar to Vladamir Nabokov’s – “Lolita”. . .?

I am taking an honors class and as a requirement I have to read an extra book + do an extra 8-10 page essay + the regular class requirements (8 books spread through the course of a school year and two 8-10 page essays per semester) so in total I have like 10 books and […]