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Does modern media lead or manipulate war and society?

I have an essay I have to write, so I really need three points. Essentially, how does media impact or manipulate war and society? I’m mainly focusing on how it manipulates war and society. I want to focus on each time period, so the French Revolution, World War 2 and War on Iraq/War on Terror. […]

Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today (an easy 10 points)?

hi ive got an english essay to write about “Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today”what do you think about it and could you give me some examples or ads that are appropriate and inappropriate.thns so much xx

Song research related to problems in society?

I need 3 songs that talk about major problems/issues over the last 5 year. The songs can be what ever genre possible. And for those of you who think I’m asking you to do my homework. Your not. I have to write 3 essays, one for each. I just need help with the song finding.

National Honors Society Acceptance essay?

I have to write an essay in order to be accepted to NHS at my high school. I must answer this question: How can membership in NHS assist you in contributing or enhancing those efforts to benefit your school and community? Does anyone have any main ideas i can talk about. ( keep in mind […]

How does Lord of the Flies Mirror Modern Society?

I have to write an essay due very soon. Links would be appreciated

Discuss how the study of waves, light, and optics have had an impact on society?

Please! I need help for a big physics essay and have seem to lost all of my notes!

A2 33mark essay help! sociology – beliefs in society?

Evaluate the view that new cults and sects are replacing traditional religions as the means of experiencing and expressing religious belief in the world today?can anyone help please? duno how to start this, very clueless especially with religious organizations and new religious movements stuff!

What are some of the impact the shortage of nurses have on our society?

I am writing an essay for school and that is my topic, what is the impact the shortage of nurses have on our society. Can anyone help?

Should society be primarily focused to protect the people living now or to prepare for future generations?

I have to write an essay on this topic for my 10th grade literature class, but I cant make up my mind on which side I should pick. I somewhat agree with both sides. Please leave ideas about which side you would write about and why. Thank you(:

Why does society not want to support the insitution of marriage?

For thousands of years, all around the world, societies have understood the importance of a strong family unit, with a Mother and Father at the top. Yet now all of a sudden, it is considered a radical right-wing neo-nazi position to defend marriage. Have you thought about all the social ills that we have today […]