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Something that I can’t understand?

I read an essay like this:The Oath affirmed that I would not misuse or abuse the power and influence of my new Royal Award. Alas, since I truly do have High Principles, I could not in good conscience sign such an affirmation. After all, unaccustomed as I am to power and influence, how could I […]

I think there might be something wrong with me.?

Where to begin, first question on here asking half out of boredom, half curiosity. Not really sure how to start so I’ll just start by saying a bit about myself. Male, 19 years old, I live in Quebec, Canada(English is my mother tongue though) , 6,3,white ,about 205 pounds, i guess i would call myself […]

Did something happen to me between middle’ high school.?

In middle’ elementary school, I wasn’t very smart academically or socially. I always needed help to get Bs or As. I’m able to put up a persona easily to hide how I’m truly feeling around certain people (my family included). I used to not be able to hide my emotions, now I can appear perfectly […]

Hello! I’m writing an analogy essay about emo people. I need something to compare emo people too. Any ideas?

‘ello!An analogy essay is a comparison essay. 2 completely different things with great similarities.For example: different type of suicides and different type of cooking.I’m trying to write a analogy about emo people. I’m not quite sure where to start.Any ideas? Even about a completely different analogy subject?Thanks,George

High school level contests essays or something to do with africa?

What is a good high school level contest that has to do with Africa, like writing an essay about Africa or something etc with money prizes, preferably west Africa south of the sub sahara: Nigeria to be specific of Africa in General.Thanks in advance

How can I relate Oedipus the King to something current?

I am writing an essay on Oedipus the King and I have to relate it to something current but I cannot think of anything. Please help

Has anyone heard of that senator who tweeted something that was dangerous to homeland security?

I’m writing an essay on twitter and how some people believe it’s dangerous for politicians to tweet and I want to include something about this senator or congressman who went to Iraq and tweeted something that was apparently dangerous for the men over there but I don’t know his name! PLEASE HELP!

I ate something that might have been a bad idea, and im just looking for a worst case scenario?

I dont want to hear how stupid i was, or anything like that. I was up all night writing this essay, and i went out into the common room around 5 am and saw a box of pizza. I was very hungry from staying up all night. I didnt think anyone would waste pizza, but […]

Is this something you can write in your Law School essay?

Can you mention that you want to become a pro-bono lawyer, as in you want to practice law for no money?

To understand something you need to rely on your own experiences and culture.?

“To understand something you need to rely on your own experiences and culture. Does that mean it’s impossible to have objective knowledge?”I have an essay due in about 8 hours and i have no idea about what to write, please help me T_T