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Will you help me with my Spanish essay?

I have to write an essay on sports. I have a few questions. When I am talking about where it is played, would this work?- Se juega el campo.If I were going to say that it is a team sport, is this okay?- Un deporte con equipo. How would I translate this sentence? – A […]

Simple Spanish Essay ; I need help?

I have to write a Spanish essay for my class, and I wasn’t sure on which I would use for this sentence .. Primero, camino al bano pequeno porque necesitar cepillarse los dientes, lavarse la cara, peinarse el pelo y otras. I wrote that

In Spanish what is the correct way of saying ‘What time do you go to bed?’?

I’m writing an essay in Spanish. I’ve come up with three ways and I was wondering which one is the best one to use.A que hora te acuestas?A que hora te hace acostar?A que hora te vas a la cama?

Can you translate this into spanish for me?

The Tower of Hercules is an ancient Roman light house. It was built under Trajan’s rule. The Tower of Hercules was made in 1791. It is almost 1900 years old.I’m writing an essay and it[‘s just these 4 sentences that i’m a lil iffy on how to write. I’m in spanish 3 so please make […]

Should I underline a movie title in Spanish?

I’m writing an essay in Spanish and I mention the title of a movie. I was told by my professor not to use (Spanish quotes). Should I underline the title of the movie, make it bold, italic, etc.?

Native/fluent spanish speakers, can you please edit my essay?

I’m doing a spanish project and this short paragraph is only a part of it. I know it sucks and is sooo 1st grade like, but i’m a spanish learner so thats what I start with. I’m sure MSWord got most of it but I want to confirm its correctness with actual speakers.Yo tenía muchos […]

What is a good introduction for a spanish essay?

i have to write an essay for spanish class and i need help with an introduction about going on a vacation. So if anyone can help thanks.

Would anyone be willing to look over and edit my Spanish essay for me?

Leave your e-mail and Ill send it to you! I think it just has a few grammar mistakes. It would be so incredibly helpful! Thank you!

Are my spanish translations correct?

I have to do a spanish essay prompt tomorrow and my teacher gave us the ones that we needed to do. I did them all, so can you guys see if I made any grammatical errors or if i’m missing any accent marks? The ones in english is what I’m trying to say and in […]

Why are some reasons you’d like to speak spanish?

For Spanish class, I have to write a 500 words essay on why I’d like to speak spanish. I have a couple ideas down, but what are some reasons you’d want to?