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What is a good thesis statement for the below two stories for a comparative essay? Please Help!?

I am writing a comparative essay for two stories about war:The first story is about a man who in a civil war in Berlin, and is set on opposing sides of the army and ends up killing his own brother.The second story is about a young boy who’s father is being sent to war, and […]

Is this a thesis statement? I need a good mark for this essay.?

The main character of “The Flash” and “The Night Face Up” loses their true realities and therefore became lost to the opposite worlds presented to them in the end. (skip 1. and 2. if you want)1.The flash is about a guy who finds out about the knowledge of nothingness and that everything doesn’t fit together […]

Thesis Statement for Essay about The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton?

I am writing an essay for English about The Outsiders book and am stuck on the thesis statement. My essay is about why pony feels like an outsider. The three arguments are because he is a member of the greaser gang, has different hobbies from other greasers, and has an unusual home life. PLZ HELP! […]

Is this a good thesis statement for a essay about King Richard III?

Topic I chose:In literature and mythology, Satan is a character who embodies the spirit of rebellion, who sets his wits and willpower against all that he perceives as sacred and inviolable. In what ways is Richard III a Satanic hero — a protagonist who possesses conventionally heroic traits but who nevertheless seeks to undermine his […]

Writing an essay about the Rwandan Genocide, I need a good thesis statement?

What would be an example of a good thesis statement for this topic? it’s Not for a persuasive essay or anything, but just a paper about the event.

What’s the best way to approach an essay prompt that is written as a Statement rather than as question?

I am going to have a test in political science tomorrow and the professor said that the essay will be harder than usual because the prompt will not be in regular question/compare/contrast type. Rather it is going to be like a statement that I need to build on myself. That means no specific instructions, requests, […]

Need help with UC Personal Statement!?

I have wrote the beginning of my first essay and before I continued I just wanted the opinions of other people. Is there a way to make the intro to my essay stand out more? How can I improve on it overall?”Growing up as a child I never had it very hard. I constantly had […]

What is a catchy title and thesis statement for my essay?

I read the article “The Battle against Fast Food Begins at Home” by Daniel Weintraub, “If You Pitch it,They will Eat it” by David Barboza, and “It’s Portion Distortion That Makes America Fat” by Shannon Brownlee. Now I have to write an essay about parents and the fast food industry for being the blame of […]

Thesis statement help pleasee!?

Can somebody give me a good thesis statement for the essay question : How Does Dunbar use imagery in his poem, “Sympathy,” to evoke emotions associated with the institution of slavery?

Whats a good thesis statement for debate a essay?

i have to write an debate essay about being against gay marriage can someone please help me. i really need help im freaking out