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What is a good thesis statement for the below two stories for a comparative essay? Please Help!?

I am writing a comparative essay for two stories about war:The first story is about a man who in a civil war in Berlin, and is set on opposing sides of the army and ends up killing his own brother.The second story is about a young boy who’s father is being sent to war, and […]

What does writing “sulekh” from hindi text book mean?means copying 5 essays or stories?

is it about good handwriting or copying essays?

Primary school memories and stories?

I’m writing an english essay on the days of primary school however i can’t think of anything really exciting to put in- any help please?

Anyone know any good short stories?

I have to write an interpretation essay for college in English 102 on a short story and I would like to write about one that is interesting. We are allowed to choose one to write about, but we have to get it approved by the professor first, so it has to be an appropriate one. […]

Can anyone name any short stories in the first person present tense?

It’s for an assignment. I’ve got a few Raymond Carver stories but could use some different ones.

What are some interesting novellas or short stories written in the last decade?

I need to write a critical essay for my grad school application that is in response to a fiction short story or novella written during 1998-2008. Any suggestions?

Stories about being discriminated by Christians for being homosexual, divorced, pregnant out of wedlock, etc.?

I am in the process of writing a book, more of a long essay at the moment, but I am trying to compile stories of people who were told by Christians that we are supposed to love everyone and not judge, but were nevertheless discriminated and treated poorly by Christians for being homosexual, divorced, pregnant […]

Where can i find free short stories to read?

I have a class and i need to basically write about the story in a 500 word essay. Where are like the Twilight zone stories, and if so is there a web sight where i can just buy an essay that talks about a story? thanks ya’ll!

What are some great essays and short stories on ghosts, specially from a philosophical perspective?

There aren’t any really. The topic is really a waste of time for professional philosophers. The closest you will get is Substance Dualism which is an old view in philosophy of mind that we have an immortal and immaterial soul. It is quickly dealt with [if not skipped entirely] in every philosophy of mind class, […]

Phrases to use in crime and detective stories?

Im finding material for a competition im entering and also a essay i had to do. It is based on crimes, detective. Please do help me!