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Embarrassed? Will they remember me as a stupid person?

Yesterday in community college we had to correct the essays of two other people, for some reason i passed the essays back to the wrong people and getting nervous i passed it to the wrong people a second time even though I somewhat already knew the names of the people i was handing the essays […]

Explanation of stupid essay question?

Can someone please explain this essay question…….Garry Dishers novel The Divine Wind tells a story which is in many ways essentially and unmistakably australian; however, in its treatment of the love affair between Hart and Mitsy, it has a universality which allows it to express all the potential for grief and for happiness in our […]

Why does my husband think I’m stupid?

My husband recently decided to go back to school to obtain a Master’s in Accounting. He has a bachelor’s and I was helping him apply for school. All of sudden he tells me he submitted an application and that he will just wait for the response. I told him that it was more to applying […]

Is This A Really Stupid Thing To Do On Exam?

Today I was doing a university exam and there was a list of essay questions to answer. I had answered 1 but after the exam I realized that the question was to answer 2 questions. So I didn’t even answer a question that was worth 10 marks out of 80 and the exam was worth […]

Spanish Help (in a way, stupid essay)?

how did the salvadoran governmentt and other social institutions participate in human rights violations of its citizens? compare that of what you know about the violation of civil rights of us citizens in the resulting civil rights movement in the united states?

Why do teachers make you write stupid essay’s ?

They make you write so that you can get a higher education. If you are planning on going to college or university, you are going to have to write a lot more than just an eleven sentence paragraph.