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Poem “Ozymandias” imagery and style?

I have to write an essay for on the poem “Ozymandias” including examples of imagery and style. Any ideas?

What is the MLA (Modern Language Association) style of writing an essay?

I am writing a 10 page research paper for my AP US History class and on the guideline paper it says that my paper should be written in MLA format.. What does this mean? What is the MLA Format/Style?

How do you correctly “indent” the first sentence of a paragraph, in MLA style?

I was just using the TAB button to indent my essays, but I was told you’re not supposed to use the tab button? Any idea how?

How do I cite a quote from a website, from a person, directly in my essay in MLA style?

I know how to do it for a book, but what about citing a quote that is from a website, from a person, directly in my essay?

Animal Farm and George Orwell’s writing style?

I’m typing an essay for my english class and the prompt says to point out passages or excerpts that showcase Orwell’s particular writing style. Particularly in Chapter 5, however, I have NO idea which passages or excerpts to use or even write about! Help?

What is Mary Oliver’s style?

I’m trying to write an essay on Mary Oliver’s style of writing poetry, and I’m looking for a good thesis that I can support with evidence from her poems. User tags:mary oliver style of writing

Is it true that for OCS Essay, they have a professional to evaluate your penmanship and writing style?

No. It is reviewed by the OCS Board which will be made up of well educated Officers who will note blatant errors which show a lack of education…Please feel free to email me if you would like me to review it…

Write an essay on Bacon’s ideas on studies,bringing out the salient features of his style?

yes, go ahead and write it

How do you cite a website, in text, MLA style?

Ok, so for example: The repartimiento system was initially designed as a part-time forced labour recruitment system that required Mexicans to serve short work terms for Spanish land owners. (Repartimiento) … this is taken from the site, when you search “Repartimiento.” .. in the works cited at the end of the essay I will […]

Questions On Exam Essay Style Question?

Hi, I have an assignment to do on the following title”Religion can be studied objectively but it takes a faith community to form a religious person”Please answer the following question>>>>How does one define religion?What is religion?What are its characteristics?What does the word objectively mean?What is meant by a faith community?How does one tackle this question?Why […]