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Why i want to become a alcohol and substance abuse counselor?

i am trying to become a councelor and i have to write an essay on Why i want to become a alcohol and substance abuse counselor?.. can someone help me please im stuck User tags:I need a thesis statement about being a drug counselor

Creative titals for a teen substance essay?

I am writing a essay on teen substance abuse for my pre-ib english class and a need a creative titals for my essay. I could use some help, any ideas?

I need a writer to do my essay for my final paper on mental health and substance abuse(multiple dignosis.?

What are the current trends in treatment of co-occurring disorders/ what are the five most prevalent assessment tools used in the treatmeny of co-occurring disorders?

Need help starting essay on Controlled Substance Act?

Substance Abuse act. This paper is due tommarow and i was wondering if any one could help me start it off with a paragraph to get me started on this. i just need a good opening paragraph then i will be able to go from there. I cannot seem to start this paper.