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What are the symbols of a muslim/islamic wedding?

I’m doing a essay on Islamic/Muslim weddings and I need to know ‘what are the symbols of a muslim/islamic wedding’ I can’t find ANY information on thisPlease Help!

Symbols and themes of Truman Capote’s Miriam short story?

My class, we’ve discussed about what Miriam might symbolize. We’ve talked about the colors Capote used as symbols. However, my teacher never explained what Miriam’s theme is or what the 3 old men in the story represent. We have an essay due on it two days from now and I have nothing to talk about. […]

Juno the movie, Symbols, Motifs, Metaphors, etc?

Hey world!Talking about Juno the movie: [external link] need to write up an analysis on Juno. /essay.Could you guys help me find techniques and an example of when it happens in the movie. I’ll do the analysis. I’ve got a couple of good points but I need some more ideas and I’m struggling.Just any moment […]

Can someone please tell me some symbols in “All Quiet on the Western Front?”?

I need to write an essay, and all I can think of are the boots.

Lord Of The Flies Symbols?

Hi there,I have to write an essay tomorrow on L.O.T.F. for English class. Unfortunately I am sick today and couldn’t make it to my classes. I had a few questions about the book though.1. When Simon has a talk with the Lord Of The Flies, is that a symbol that the beast (fear) is in […]

Symbols in lord of the flies?

so i hav an essay due on lord of the flies by golding… i was wondering some of your ideas for symbols and what they symbolize?Thank You!