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What are some non-political reasons why the melting pot is better than multiculturalism?

I have to do an essay for a grade 12 course social science course (Challenge and Change… it’s basically Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology all in one). We had a mini essay to show him our research so far and I failed it because he said it sounded like a right-wing rant. I just need 3 […]

What’s the best way to approach an essay prompt that is written as a Statement rather than as question?

I am going to have a test in political science tomorrow and the professor said that the essay will be harder than usual because the prompt will not be in regular question/compare/contrast type. Rather it is going to be like a statement that I need to build on myself. That means no specific instructions, requests, […]

Can you please grade my sat essay? less than 1 day to go!?

Prompt:Are people’s lives the result of the choices they make?Can you please grade my essay out of 12 and tell me what I should change? How can I improve my writing with only 2 days left? Keep in mind this is only a rough draft and it was written within a 25 minute time limit.Quote:The […]

Is there anything more displeasing than knowing you procastinated the making of an essay till Sunday?

Am i allowed to write an essay in a different language than the teacher speaks? if so, would i get a bad grade?

i have a hard essay and i was wondering if i do this i could get an A.

How is patterning your life around others opinions nothing more than slavery?!?

I am writing an essay for school on how it is. I know it is, the problem is I just don’t know what to say and how to say it. PLEASE HELP!?Please give me like 3 reasons as to why you think this is true. I have some of my own, I just need more […]

Some believe that an easier hobby is more beneficial than a difficult hobby.?

plz help me to write the essay…..

Other than saving gas and the environment why would electric vehicles be important?

i am doing a persuasive essay on this subject and stuck smart non complicated answers are appreciated

Why women are more emotional than men?

I am writing an essay for college about “Why women are more emotional than men?”Would you give the differences between them either sociological, psychological and biological that make women more emotional?Thank you:)

Going overseas for higher education does more harm than disagree with this point view.essay?

Overseas education is good. Travelling outside of your country and learning about other cultures opens your mind. Don’t limit yourself to your surroundings. Learn about other people. Its the greatest education you can ever have.