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I have a 9 page essay that has 3 primary sources and 6 secondary sources to add in how do i make a work cited?

—————————————-…For a book: Author’s last name, author’s first name. Title underlined. Place of publication: Publisher, Date of publication. Example: Kleinzahler, August. Earthquake Weather. New York: Moyer Bell Limited, 1989. Example with more than one author: Ture, Kwame, and Charles V. Hamilton. Black Power – The Politics of Liberation. New York: Vintage Press, 1967.Example with an […]

Is there a free or online word processor that will let me upload an essay to my professor in word format?

I’m looking for a free or online word processor that will let me upload an essay to my professor in word format. I’m almost positive I had such a program on my computer but lost it in a recent reformat. Any ideas?

Essay on some aspect of the Presidential Election that interests you?

What does this mean? My instructor wanted us to write an essay about this but i’m not really sure what it’s trying to say. Help me out?

I only applied to three colleges that enough?

I applied to suny at plattsburgh, brockport, and potsdam. I have a 1100(math and reading) sat, a 3.2 gpa, many extracurriculars, volunteer, a great essay. Those are the only colleges I want to attend. And I decided if I dont get in ill settle for a community college. But is three the magic number?

What are some characteristics of Louis XIV that are heroic?

I’m writing an essay for my history class about why Louis XIV was heroic. Do you have any ideas about why Louis XIV was a hero? For example, heroic characteristics include: individual vision, morality, wisdom, positive leadership, perseverance, had significant contribution to improve society. If you could give examples to justify these characteristics, taht’d be […]

Parallel lines meet, i dont remember what that type of geometry is called?

when a 3d surface changes, making parallel lines meet,i forgot the name and i need to write an essay TONIGHT, itd be VERY useful

Can anybody think of a film that came out after 2000 that is similar to Jerry Maguire or Wizard of Oz?

While I can think of a few films that are similar to them, I need to find one that I can be able to compare it with and write an essay. In the essay, I have to compare either Jerry Maguire or Wizard of Oz with another film and discuss how the newer film has […]

Can you me think of a topic that reflects upon healthy & unhealthy relationships?!?

I can’t seem to think of a topic I could elaborate on for even 1/2 a page, nevermind 3. I’m really stuck here, and this is for my essay due next week in case you’re wondering.Some themes are:-Honesty-Social Maturity-A Role Model-Regrets-A Generation Gap-A Childhood Event-A Miscommunication & the list goes on.All ideas are welcomed!

Does anyone have SOLID proof that human evolution from other primates is true? I need to convince someone.?

I know someone who says that humans did not evolve from other animals but does believe in evolution in general, so can someone please go find solid proof of that being true/untrue? I’d like to just like to have some link to an article, essay, etc.

I am writing an essay about my my essay i wrote that i did a big mistake.?

and yet she didn’t blame me. i cried for my mistakes and for her great heart for not even blame me…how should i describe my cry and my mom’s cried?