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What advice can you give someone who is depressed because they cannot get into their dream college?

My nephew’s dream when he was in the 10th grade was to attend Columbia University in NYC. Unfortunately my nephew had the burden of living in a poor county where opportunity was limited and a county in which the public schools were in bad shape. Also he had limited exposure to intellectual people because honestly, […]

How does it not effect their time period?

okay so i asked my teacher more than enough times what this meant and how i could answer it, but she gave me nothing to work with… So im hoping maybe you could help with this essay okay so, How does the theory of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Montesquieu, and Voltaire’s theory […]

What, stripped down to their basic elements, are materials we use?

Doing an essay for school where the topic is basically how humans have changed our enviroment to suit our needs. Among many other examples, I’d like to mention what elements we have taken from Earth to build the “necessities” that we use every day–like buildings, cars, et cetera (e.g. mineral ore bodies for metal, fossil […]

Why do so many pretentious people go to Starbucks just to work on their laptops or read books?

You can’t go to my local Starbucks without these people who are in my opinion very pretentious, because they are just everywhere hogging up all the space, taking all the tables with their laptops while writing college essays or doing office work. And then you’ll get lots of other people just lounging around reading books. […]

What are some reasons people choose to send their children to gender based schools?

I am writing an essay on why there should still be schools and colleges for just boys and schools and colleges for just girls. I need some reasons why people choose to send their children to gender based schools. I already have religion as a reason. Thank you.

Please give me 3 reasons why parents should spank their children?

i have done continuous research on this essay and i need ur help3 arguments please!

Name several plasma proteins and their functions?

someone please help me out, this essay is due like soon, please help me out with this question, thanks a lot

As Monsters, compare and contrast Tartuffe and Victor Frankenstein. What do they say about their culture?

This is the topic of my essay and I have no idea where to start. Please help!

Do journlist have the right to use other peoples details from sites like bebo and facebook for their article ?

i had seen this article once on bbc news but i always wondered more about it and i have decided to do an essay on it and would like help with it ive tryed google search but most of what i find i dont really …. understand . im not that smart to be honest

Does the homework teachers give make you wanna throw your homework in their face?

and be like i made a nice loooooong essay for you to grade, bxtch!