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Theme HELP? for language arts homework-essay.?

I will be writing a personal narrative essay about PASSIONS, INTERESTS, OR HOBBIES so they are: cooking, photography, and watching movies, so now i need a theme and can u please give me like ideas of “hook” for my introduction that will really draw my audience to read the essay.. or a topic sentences. If […]

What’s a common theme in the Aeschylus’ Oresteia and Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

I’m studying for a test in which we have to write an essay comparing and contrasting the two plays.A major theme in both is revenge, but what are other points of comparison/contrast I could use. Any help is appreciated.Thanks!

Need a good book with a inspiring theme?

I’m currently in the 10th grade and my teacher assigned our class a big project that requires us to choose a book of our choice and write an essay about one of the themes in the book?What’s a good interesting book with a inspiring and good theme that I could buy from my local bookstore?

What is the underlying theme of Marx’s essay “On the Jewish Question”?

In On the Jewish Question Marx calls for “the emancipation of society from Judaism.” What is the underlying theme of this essay?

English essay help: what is a theme?

I am writing an essay about Educating Rita and I have a vague idea of what the themes are in the play but no idea how to elaborate on them; mostly because I don’t know what a theme is! I would be very grateful if you could help, thanks!

What is the theme of the movie Another Earth? Or how do you determine what the theme of a movie is?

I’m writing an essay on the movie Another Earth for a film assignment. I’m not sure I quite understand how to determine the theme of a movie?

What modern day movie have the same theme as the novel The Color Of Water?

The title says it all, but i think the modern day movies be like 2009-2010. I need to do this for an essay im writing and it cannot be the movie of this book if they have one.okay, basically Connect the themes from the novel “The Color of Water” with a modern day movie with […]

Theme essay?

i have my first paragraph done, easy…and i already have my theme and storyi just dont know how to explain the theme in three pragraphs..?helpthe prompt says”…in a well organized essay describe the theme…”the essay is 5-paragraphs longP.1–>introP. 2-4–>descride themeP. 5–> conclusionhelp plz…how do i descride a friken theme in 3 friekn paragraphs

What does my teacher mean when she says “i want a 500 letter essay on the main theme of your book”?

When she says that she wants the theme of the book, she doesn’t want you to write 500 words on what the book was about: that would be a summary. A theme is a moral, message, or meaning that you get out of an overall story. Some examples of themes could be growing up, growing […]

Theme of The Wizard of Earthsea?

I have to write a comparison essay comparing Harry Potter and the Scorcerer’s Stone Movie v. The Wizard of Earthsea. I am comparing the themes of the two books. For Harry Potter, I have “your past doesn’t have to effect your future”. I completely don’t understand the book The Wizard of Earthsea (it was a […]