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Symbols and themes of Truman Capote’s Miriam short story?

My class, we’ve discussed about what Miriam might symbolize. We’ve talked about the colors Capote used as symbols. However, my teacher never explained what Miriam’s theme is or what the 3 old men in the story represent. We have an essay due on it two days from now and I have nothing to talk about. […]

What are some main themes in Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah?

I am writing an essay about a main theme in A Chinese Cinderella Story and I am stuck on some ideas. If you could please give me a theme and maybe a couple reasons why that is a main theme that would be GREAT! Thank you so much in advance!

What are some themes to All Quiet on the Western Front and Joyeux Noel?

Im writting an essay and Im having trouble comming up with some. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it!

What were two themes about which American authors wrote during the mid-1800s?

I need the answer for an essay I have to do. And I have a really bad headache, so I can’t really read; it’ll only make my headache worse. :// Sorry.

How Do I Write A Conclusion For An Essay About Social Themes In ‘An Inspector Calls’?

You should really be trying to draw together the various points you have made – you should have shioned covered Priestley’s Socialist leanings and the snobbery of the Birlings and how each places little value on the life of the ‘victim’ as evidenced by their individual treatment of her.

What are the main themes of the novel Anthills of the Savannah?

I have to write 2 essays on the Anthills of the Savannah… Could anyone please help me with the major themes and also what is the ‘Love Letter’ all about? :s

Out of the universal themes, do you think that ” The Quest” would be a good theme for my Grapes of Wrath Essay?

I am writting a Grapes Of Wrath Essay on one of the universal themes for my Honors English class.So there are many universal themes. But I need a good one to represent in my Essay. I thought “The Quest” might be a good one because the Joads quested to move to California and live a […]

Hamlet essay help themes of revenge and power?

considering the themes of power,revengeand love in the play hamlet what might shakespeare’s message be for his readers of all time and places?Look at the familial realationships, the freindships the employees-employer to consider each theme.10 points for best ideas and/or starting paragraphthanks

What are the messages or themes in the L: Change the World novel?

I have to write an essay fo english on a book I’ve recently read, so I’ve decided on L: Change the World.I need at least 3 messages or themes in the book, can anyone think of any?Thanks in advance

What are the themes in twelve angry men that can be used in essays?

don’t remember much, but selfishness? because they all want to find the person guilty to just leave the courtroom and continue on with their lives, even though there is a possibility that they didn’t commit the crime.