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Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today (an easy 10 points)?

hi ive got an english essay to write about “Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today”what do you think about it and could you give me some examples or ads that are appropriate and inappropriate.thns so much xx

What is the social sickness among filipinos today?

can you give an essay about “the social cancer today”?

Why was the industrial revolution important and why is it still important today and in the future?

I’m trying to write an essay soo anything will do ..Explain why the industrial revolution was so important and why is it still important today and in the future?4-5 sentences or bullet points

PLEASE ANSWER! how are the theological and Cardinal virtues practiced today?

I need to know soon and yes Ive tryed searching but I really cant find anything! please help its an essay and its due tomorrow .Ive already wrote what they are (intro) but I dont know how people practiceit today….thx a tons ! :]

Ways that lightbulbs help us today?

I am writing a essay about inventions, and I am working on about lightbulbs, so could you list a few examples of ways lightbulbs help us? thx i’d appreciate it

What would the founding fathers think of the world today?

This is my history paper and my thesis is that they wouldnt approve / negative response.i have sources of opinions and some analysis, but i need more scholarly sources, namely, a historian’s analysis of this, which i need to incorporate into my paper.Can anyone help me find an essay/book/article/journal/etc written by a historian that somewhat […]

Quotes on how greek mythology is used today?

Hi, i have to write an essay on how Greek Mythology is evident in our culture today and the purpose of it being a major part of the English Currriculam. i am looing for a quote that will help explain some of this as an introduction attantion grabber. can somebody please help me find a […]

10 Statistics Questions. Who’s feeling extra helpful today?

Question 1 (Essay Worth 3 points)A can of Pepsi is supposed to contain, on the average, 12 ounces of soda with a standard deviation of 0.3 ounces. Suspecting fraud, you take a random sample of 40 cans and measure the amount of Pepsi in each. Your measurements show that the 40 cans had a mean […]

Didnt do essay due TODAY what to do?

I just couldnt think of anything to write earlier days so I just waited and waited but now it’s the morning of the day it’s due and I get ready in an hour. I cant get a 0 on this or else I get a D in the class.

Please help with my essay paragraph! im so tired today :(?

Footballers and movie stars are purely for entertainment purposes. A lot of the time these celebrities are getting attention for reasons other than their work. There are constantly stories of break-ups, pregnancies, being too fat and too thin and the list goes on.