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Nervous for SAT’s tomorrow?

i’m taking my first SAT tomorrow and am extremely nervous and pretty sure i won’t do very well.any tips for while taking the test?also, could you please grade my practice essay:prompt: what are your thoughts on the idea that failure is necessary for education to take place?The process of learning new things and gaining new […]

Need Global Help. I have a global history essay due tomorrow about feudalism in europe and japan.?

Just wondering if anyone happened to already wright one that i could use. Would really appriciate it. If anyone does i have a 20 dollar target gift card i could email you.

I have a very long assignment due tomorrow, have a terrible cold. I need some motivation to begin, plz help!?

I had finals friday, saturday, and monday. I worked on these essays on sunday, monday, and tuesday (when it was due). Today I am so sick, because of this stupid cold I got on Sunday… I need some motivation to finish the assignment, essays… It’s my last assignment and my average in the class is […]

Imaginative essay due tomorrow no topic to go by so need help?

I dont know what to do it on as i dont have a very good imagination. it needs to be around 800 words minimum and i cant come up with anything.

I have an essay due tomorrow! But I LOST ALL OF IT! Would anyone be willing to do it? PLEASE!?

Essay:500-1000wordsRomeo And JulietComparison between events and actions sorta things, like love, hate etc etcIf anyone is willing to do it please, do it then e-mail it to me at this [email not allowed] rMY YAHOO7 ANSWERS ADDRESSTHANKS HEAPS!

Should I quit writing my essay (due in tomorrow) and just go meet my friends in the pub?

I wanna go out. I have to write an essay. College and alcohol are both simultaenously competing for my affections. Again. Opinions?

How to memorize a presentation fast by tomorrow?

So far I’ve reread my essay for an hour and I only remembered two slides on my PowerPoint and the thing is on our PowerPoint u can’t have any words on it only pictures! And we can’t have our essay with us only one index card and u can’t write small and yahSo yah I […]

Please help me on my essay it is due tomorrow April 3?

i need an essay about teen high school drop out…my three major reasons are :Too much Freedom in their livesTeens simply dont care- they think its boringCruel treatment by other studentspleassssse helppp mee ASAPthanks


the essay is:imagine the principal of your school would like to start an honor system. write two reasons for the honor system and two reasons against it. i have no idea!thanks so much for the helpers!

Saturday detention tomorrow?

hey. im in year 10 at secondary skool in england and our school have just started givin saturday detentions aswell as after school ones. I have a satuuday detention tomorrow which is from 9am til 1pm at school. Iv never had a dt on a saturday before, but i had an after skool one last […]