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Can you help me find a transition for my paragraph?

This is a paragraph from a contemplative essay I’ve written and am editing. I can’t seem to find a transition (it can be a single word or phrase or whole sentence) for the place where I put the *. I don’t want to put anything too formal like “furthermore” because this is a contemplative essay. […]

Whats a good transition sentence?

Im writing a 7 paragraph essay about what I learned about the greeks and a lot of other stuff. I cant come up with a good transition sentence to switch from talking about the greek religion to talking about the spartans. Please help!

How would i transition to a different chachter narrating my story?

I have to write an essay for english and i have already started the story with this guy narating and he has already talked about/ introduced the charachter i want to narrate from now on but i dont now how to transtion ito her talking now

Please help me with making a transition sentence for my essay?

I am writting one and I was told I need a transitional sentence. The paragraph before I disucessed cooking. This paragraph I am talking about education.This is my intro sentence for new paragraph A lot of people in the my culture believe that a women’s place is in the kitchen she should not be running […]

Whats a good transition sentence to include in a persuasive essay?

Although there are some who would argue that (insert opposing here), the reality is that (Insert your argument here).Despite popular belief, (subject) is actually (argument).Honestly, a basic layout of your essay would make it easier to customize for. These are pretty general templates.

Urgent English Help? Essay Paragraph Transition?

I’m writing an essay proving that the Light vs. Darkness archetype exists within A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, and Great Expectations. I talk about Scrooge’s perception of Christmas in the Christ. Carol, contrast between oliver’s innocence and his surroundings in the second one, and light vs. darkness in family in great expectations. how would i […]

Windows to Mac transition experiences please?

I’m considering about moving from Windows to Mac. I’m looking for those who moved.1) Are you happy you made the choice? Do you regret anything?2) From what I heard, iMacs don’t come with Word so is there a program that I can type essays? If I type my essay on my iMac, will my professor […]