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Twelfth Night , Malvolio, what’s a good thesis statement idea? Thanks!?

I’m writing an essay, and I don’t have very good thesis statements…I have that Malvolio will be least likely to find love because of his vanity, ego, and puritan character.and that’s it…Do you guys think that its good enough? Any other ideas? You don’t have to give me all the answers, just some tips in […]

I need subtopics for two essays (Twelfth Night and Peacekeeping and Canada)?

Alright .. the end of the school year is coming up, and my teachers decided to pile a bunch of work on me. Two of which are SOEs. Because these are the last essays of the year, I would like to prove myself to my teachers. If someone can suggest some subtopics for the following […]

Twelfth Night?

I have to do an essay on Shakespeare’s Twelfth night i have to tell why The clown, sir toby, sir andrew and malvolio are comic characters can any one help?