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How many people visit Facebook in a day?

For an essay i am including how many people visit Facebook a day, I would really like in 5min, but i dont know if anyone would know that.If anyone know how many people go on facebook in 5min that would be great, or even daily would work

What is meant by a “woodshed”? I got in trouble at school and the principal asked my dad if needed to visit?

Hi I am 15 and I got in trouble at school for mooning a boy. My dad had to come in… anyways I got in huge trouble…1 day of in school suspension, 10 days of detention, suspended from cheerleading and licks from a female vice principal in front of the principal and my dad, (which […]

Write a essay on a visit to a workshop and how the waste is proudused and harms of the waste?

please answer the question.only

What asian country do you want to visit? and why?

i’d appreciate if you will give me some answers to help me in my essay.

What kind of thesis about Bush’s visit to latin America would I use for use for a compare and contrast essay?

I’m still stuck… I kind of have an idea what I want to write about but not sure how to put it in words. Can anyone help me? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I’m writing an essay on eliminating gender biases in education. Are there any great sites I should visit?

“Fred on Everything” is a website with several commentaries including a couple on gender bias in education.