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I want to be a journalism major but i’m scared….?

I want to be a journalism major but i’m scared….?I’m in my second year of community college and I don’t know what i want to major in. I want a career where i’ll make money because my whole life i was poor and i want OUT. the problem is every career i’ve desired doesn’t pay […]

I am going to university, but i don’t want a course/career sitting at a desk all day!?

i love education, currently i am 19 years old in second year College as an Undecided Major. i am planning to attend university, but i HATE sitting all day doing essays, reading, and doing reasearch. And im scared a University education will land my a job doing the same stuff since they say University is […]

I want to make my college essay really really stand out and be unique…please, any advice?

Your question is hard to answer without any more information. Is this a college application essay? An essay you’re writing for a college class?

Opinion Poll: What job should I want?

I have a degree in Mortuary Science. This means I am qualified to be a licensed funeral director/ embalmer after doing my minimum one year apprenticeship. I graduated in May 06, and looked around at several jobs, at first really wanting to move out of San Antonio, TX. Finally in August, I was hired in […]

When we want to send some photographs to a magazine, do we have to write a short article as well?

I want to send some photographs that I clicked while I was on a vacation to a magazine. But do I have to write an essay or an article describing my journey based on those photographs or can I just send the photographs like that with a 2-3 lines brief description of each photo? Also, […]

Shall anyone help me with this, please! 10 points for sure!? if u dun want to answer it, please just leave it!?

Shall anyone help me to write the following website of essay in another way, please! Just the first 4 paragraphs, i will figure out the rest of it, please! 10 points for sure! I really get stuck for these, shall anyone starts with the first four paragraphs then i can follow yr style of writting […]

Why does society not want to support the insitution of marriage?

For thousands of years, all around the world, societies have understood the importance of a strong family unit, with a Mother and Father at the top. Yet now all of a sudden, it is considered a radical right-wing neo-nazi position to defend marriage. Have you thought about all the social ills that we have today […]

I want feedback on this little story/essay?

Arising to a conflict, to keep my eyes open or to close them and let them stop burning. The salt-filled tears burned my eyes while splashing onto my chapped lips. For the most part the tears were falling in between the simple, single crack of my mouth. Air never felt so cold at it did […]

I want some posters on Air Pollution and some essays on SAVE ENERGY, SAVE MONEY (HINDI OR ENGLISH)?

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