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Which one of these topics could be used in a quirky weird way for an essay?

I have to write an essay on one of these topics but it has to relate to my personality. which is quirky, weird. according to my teacherComing of ageSexualityGender Identity BullyingDeath

Macbeth Act 1 Scene 3 The Weird Sisters & Their Prophecies?

i have an english exam tomorrow and we need to use Macbeth. the question will involve a ‘key scene’ and i have no idea how to tackle the question, for my key scene i have assumed that the most important scene would be Act 1 Scene 3 where the Witches give macbeth and banquo their […]

What is that anti-drug commercial that has a bunch of kids saying weird names of drugs?

it’s just a bunch of kids that the camera switches to, the kid says the street name and on the bottom of the screen it says what the street name is refering to ?i need this commercial for an essay as a resource and i can’t find it. i know it’s on becuase i’ve […]

Lip piercing being weird!?

I got the side of my lip pierced 2 weeks ago, my second lip piercing 13th piercing all together.I’ve never had any problems with any of my piercings but this one has gone slightly strange, i have a tendency to swell a lot which was normal and for over a week, also normal, bled a […]

Weird messages in my Word document?! PLEASE HELP?

I was typing an essay when this came up on my word document:The other highly doubt there are IAFF-there may have had a so-I know they are have the sign of her more of aAre hello hello hi hello hi hello hi hello hi hello hello there you were a vehicle my purchase the Seth […]

Would it be weird to put a reference at the beginning of an essay introduction?

no i think that would be actually a good idea so that way when they first look at the persons name they know exactly where you got it from instead of waiting and wondering who and where this little sentence or so came from, if you have a reference it is soo best to put […]

An essay question? like my teacher is totaly weird!?

have an essay at school, can u please help me,so it talks about:why is it important to consider all sides before making a desicion.if you can please write me something in a summarized way to help me write it because i have no idea what to talk about. Thank you very much

Autobiographical English Essay. it’s a little weird but i need some critique.?

Due to writer’s block, I am forced to present to you the simplest form of an autobiography…. Just me. You may say it’s unorthodox, after reading all those anecdotes about basketball and whatnot, but there is a lack of sufficient details on any topics for me to write this paper on. So, I’ve decided I’ll […]

I need help with my girlfriend issues weird to say that but still?

okay im a good guy who only want to talk to my girlfriend. shes been doing this damn essay for two days now and its odd we dont really talk i try to talk and we cant i have had a lot of trust issues in the past and i just dont know what to […]

Why is mickygg so weird and have time to write short essays when he answers?

why do you feel compelled to write essays