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What were the positive and negative effects of the Medici family on Renaissance Italy?

I need a good argumentative essay question. Did the Medicis have negative effects on Italy?

What were some of Canada’s defining moments?

I have to write an essay about some of Canada’s defining and nation-building moments from 1914 to present day, explaining how Canada was changed and what the event tells others about the country. One nation-building moment I already found was when Canadian General Arthur Currie took lead in the battle of Vimy Ridge. But that’s […]

Do you believe that people were born evil and try to be good, or people were born good and do bad things?

I’m writing an english essay and I’d like to hear your perspectives! I know most people will comment saying that they think most people were born good and society/culture/our upbringing influences us to do bad things, but people who are on the otherside of that spectrum I’d love to hear your opinions! Also, any relation […]

What were three main things that happen after the fall of rome?

what were the three main things that happened after the fall of rome and before the renaissance?please explain more throughly because i need to write an essay on it.thanks!

What were major specific events that led up to the revolutionary war?

please try to be specific, if possible. I need this for an essay. anything is really appreciated. PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP ME!

Based on this (short!) essay, if you were a scholarship essay reader, would you give me a grant?

Oh, AND any ideas for a good title? Thanks in advance for reading it, it’s not very long. ——————–I was supposed to answer the questions:a. Why are you applying for this grant? b. What accomplishments will make you deserving of this financial assistance? c. What are your career objectives? ————Ok here it is:My dream is […]

What were some results of the Treaty of Paris,1763, in England?

Its for an essay.But….. When the Treaty or Paris was signed, i know that England gained overall Imperial power. But what were some significant effects in England itself. And results overall in Europe.Thanks!

Were there any negative effects of Imperialism on India for the British?

We’re writing an essay about Indian imperialism, except it’s only about the effects on the British.

What countries were allies with Romania during world war 2? after world war 2? and now?

please help im writing an essay

Who were the progressive reformers?

I’ve got all the answers for my American History test down, except the stuff about progressive reformers -.- and she’s probally going to have essay questions on them!What did they find wrong with American society around 1900-1920?What were some reforms they that achieved to improve American society during that time?Which was the most important? How […]