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What effect does the arts and entertainment industry have on the national economy?

Im writing an essay on the above topic but im getting myself all confused. Another persons view would be great.Cheers!

Geez, what is up with online translators these days?

I tried to translate an essay about computers crashing into russian, but it totally failed. (It’s long, but it’s funny)Zdravstvulte! , My name is Ashle. I am going to say why the broken computers today to them. Computers broken for a pile of different reasons. Sometimes the equipment is broken because what must run too […]

Please help, im not sure exactly what my teacher wants +10 points?

I have to write a argumentative essay on the political cartoon. I am stuck, i don’t know what factors I should talk about, please help.

What is a good commercial to write a 4 page rhetorical analysis essay critiqing the persuasive tecniques used?

ethos, pathos, and/or logoscritiqing the commercial’s use of rhetorical techniques to persuade the reader.Thank you!And please send a link to the commercial if you have one.

What was Canada’s involvement in the UN from 1949 to 2000?

I have a provincial exam tomorrow and i’m really worried about getting an essay topic on that since the only thing i know is that they are part of the Peacekeeping Unit. I also know about the suez crisis and how the prime minster proposed to keep the peace and he won a noble prize […]

What are some characteristics of Louis XIV that are heroic?

I’m writing an essay for my history class about why Louis XIV was heroic. Do you have any ideas about why Louis XIV was a hero? For example, heroic characteristics include: individual vision, morality, wisdom, positive leadership, perseverance, had significant contribution to improve society. If you could give examples to justify these characteristics, taht’d be […]

What are some non-political reasons why the melting pot is better than multiculturalism?

I have to do an essay for a grade 12 course social science course (Challenge and Change… it’s basically Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology all in one). We had a mini essay to show him our research so far and I failed it because he said it sounded like a right-wing rant. I just need 3 […]

Parallel lines meet, i dont remember what that type of geometry is called?

when a 3d surface changes, making parallel lines meet,i forgot the name and i need to write an essay TONIGHT, itd be VERY useful

What is the best age to become a novelist’screenwriter and how to publish it?

I am 18 years old, and i always was good in Essay writing at high school, and even i’ve got highest score on writing section of TOEFL IBT on ten’s form. I dont know why but when it came to make a story or write a screenwriting i was the fastest to make it. And […]

What is a good title for an essay about acceptance/ tolerance of differences?

i am writing an esay about to kill a mockingbird