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Which one is worse ? housing issues or lack of food ? and why ?

i am doing a history essay and i was wondering if housing issues such as people with no homes and overcrowding during the past is worse than the lack of food which means that people struggle to look for food and there is a desperate food shortage . so based on your opinion , which […]

Which stereotype would you consider most alien-like part 2?

before I start, i just want to make it clear that i’m no racist….just someone practicing writing psychology essaysimagine there are 4 stereotypes:1.) 29 year old harvard physicist, a scholar when he was a student 2.) government agent who can speak 8 languages like a native 3.) paraplegic who has photographic memory, with an IQ […]

Which desktop PC is the best?

I’m looking to buy a desktop PC. It needs to be under £500 and I need it for surfing the Internet, writing essays, storing music and pictures and playing the Sims 3.I’ve narrowed it down to the ones below, I would appreciate opinions on which one is the best – Thank you! [external link] ‘BV_EngineID=cccjadeidlfddehcflgceggdhhmdgml.0′page=Product’fm=null’sm=null’tm=null’sku=887247′category_oid=-35410 […]

I have an essay pls suggest me on which topic should i write.these r the topics–?

1. the role of mobile ‘internet in cyber crime2.would reservation b helpfull in improving the standard of living?3.comment on india’s population explosion4olympic gold’india’s prospect

Which one of these movies is more entertaining?

I have to write an essay pretaining to one of them:GladiatorThe Passion of ChristBen HurCleopatraSpartacusAlexander:)

“Which cultural group is dominant and which group is dominated?” meaning?

What does this mean? We have to write an essay through a cultural lens about a short story that we read about Puritans vs. Native Americans and we have to answer that question in it. So what exactly does it mean?

LG rumer vs. Samsung Rant which is better?

I’m writing a persuasive essay for my comm arts class and my topic is “The samsung rant is better than the LG rumer” whats your opinion, why is that your opinion, and if you feel that the Rant is better can you plz get me some reasons why?

Which one of these topics could be used in a quirky weird way for an essay?

I have to write an essay on one of these topics but it has to relate to my personality. which is quirky, weird. according to my teacherComing of ageSexualityGender Identity BullyingDeath

Which tense do I use when writing an essay about an article?

For english I’m writing an essay about an article I had to read. Which tense do I use? Past or present?

Christians? Why do you say gayness is a sin but you condemn none for fornication which is a sin also?

I’ve seen more Christians commit fornication and even say God will forgive them if they ask in Jesus Name…Why are you not so liberal about gay people? It all comes from the same bible. And don’t write an essay of scriptures, just a plain, simple, answer will do. In my opinion, a lot of Christians […]